Rick’s Ramblings: The Super Bowl-Is the game or food more important?

It’s gotten to the point where the bowl in Super Bowl Sunday has become more important than the game itself! Does it have guacamole in it? Queso? Cheese…M&M’s…chicken wings. The list goes on. Even the famous Super Bowl commercials have taken a back seat to the spread being shared with family, friends and others who decided to stop by and see what’s going on with you. People you haven’t seen or talk to since the last game! Where does the money go!?


  • $1.2 billion (with a B) go towards beer. And not the cheap stuff! Imports and craft beers will dominate the parties.
  • $1.1 billion (Give me another B!) goes to wine and booze!
  • $500 million goes to chips. Potato edges out tortilla. And we’ll spend another $52 million on dips.
  • $99 million goes to meat snacks like cocktail weenies , jerkey and beef sticks.
  • $82 million for the chicken wings, while $71 million goes to cheese sticks.
  • And for the vegetarians or those watching their resolutions, $13 million goes to veggie trays.

Does this resemble your upcoming party!? I don’t need any comments. I just need your address!


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