Rick’s Ramblings: Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Opening day of baseball is here! There is nothing like the opening day of the season. The pageantry of the opening day celebration, fresh air and the crack of the bat!  A zero in the loss column, hope and dreams for the best season ever and hot dogs and Cracker Jack. (Or peanuts for some of us!)

Having lived all over the country, my baseball loyalties have changed wherever I’ve been. When I was a kid living in the Bay Area, I remember my dad taking me to Seal Stadium to see my first Giants game. When Candlestick was built, we saw Willie Mays, Willie McCovey and Juan Marichal playing America’s favorite pastime. Not to mention, all the greats that came to play them! I saw Roberto Clemente, Ernie Banks, Stan Musial, Don Drysdale and Sandy Koufax all play. All the greats in the National League came to play in Candlestick.

The A’s moved to Oakland from Kansas City in 1968 and they were fun to watch, too.  Ricky Henderson, Rick Monday and Reggie Jackson.

In 1984, I moved to Minneapolis and enter the Twins. (That’s me in the picture taking batting practice at the Metrodome). The 1987 World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals was wild. The city was electric! After living in the Bay Area with several World Series Championships, I never experienced any feeling like I did with the ’87 series.

I lived in Phoenix for the inaugural season of the Arizona Diamondbacks. Even though I only lived in Phoenix for one year, I was a big D-Backs fan and rooted for them when they won the Series in 2001.

I moved to Peoria in October 2001, home of the great divide! The Mason-Dixon line of Major League Baseball. Cubs VS. Sox…BOTH against the St. Louis Cardinals. I’ve always like the Cards…I guess because of Tony La Russa having been in the Bay Area. I’ve always like to watch the Cubs because they were always on TV nationwide and I was always able to catch them playing. I enjoyed the Cards and their huge Series wins in 2006 and 2011. Last year, the Cubs played one of the most memorable World Series ever. It was just plain awesome, I don’t care where your allegiances are. Except, maybe Cleveland.

It’s going to be an exciting 2017 season. Go Blue-Birds! (Wearing White Sox)




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