3 things Rick is grateful for

Thank you sign

In a recent meeting at Weight Watchers, we were talking about gratitude. Our leader asked us if anyone would like to share 3 things we are grateful for. The answers were predictable… I woke up, my family and my health. I have food on the table. (Too much food on the table…that’s why I’m at Weight Watchers). And then someone in the room dropped a bomb on us.

Now, think about all those things that weren’t in your top 3. What if all those things that didn’t jump into your mind right then were all taken away. Your house…your pets…your phone? Take it a step further…the clouds, the trees and birds. Look down your street and wonder what would it be like without all those things? A baby’s laugh or smile. The smell of coffee.  The sound of crickets at night or the sight of fireflies.

We take so much for granted daily. I am one who strives so hard to make each moment count, smelling the roses and not assuming I have tomorrow. And yet, I still take things for granted. I am so grateful for so many things and I need to remind myself daily. I’m grateful that so many of you listen to SuperHits WIRL. So grateful, for so much.

Just, food for thought.



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