According to Rick’s Calculations it’s $164 this year!

I hope your travel plans for the holidays are pretty well cemented by now. Because I usually travel to see my kids and grandkids for the holidays, I start looking 3-4 months in advance. It used to be, if you were flying, buy your tickets at least 30 days in advance for the best deals, and buy on a Tuesday.
I have flown to California three times in the past year; last Christmas and then June and August. Every time, including last Christmas, I paid $485-520. Every time, including Christmas I paid around $500.
This year, I checked starting in September and the price was $661. What!? Oh, it got worse. Soon is was $704…$820….$750. Prices were all over the place and I thought, “Let the games begin.” I checked every day and prices never dropped below $661. I thought, “Why?” Gas prices are still low…Supply and demand? The demand is always high at Christmas and last year I paid $500. Could it be greed? Nah…couldn’t be that! Could the pilots in Whoville are now required to wear green? Could the CEO sport a nameplate on his desk that says, “Grinch!?”
I acquiesced and found the ticket (on a Monday) two weeks ago, for $664. That’s $164 higher than last Christmas. Don’t get me started on the airlines. Oh, I guess I already did. Looking forward to those pretzels!


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