Big Drummer Boy

One of my first memories of Christmas was getting a drum set. It was just a toy kit, but my brother-in-law… who is a commercial artist by trade… put a logo on the bass drum head. Instead of a Beatles logo, which would have been appropriate for the day, he drew “The Bugs” complete with an animated caricature of a beatle (way to avoid a copyright infringement bro).

After beating my toy drum kit to a pulp, the next year I was given a real snare drum and high-hat symbol. After a few ear-piercing nights of drumming, my mom thought drum lessons made sense. There was only one problem, I had very poor eyesight as a child, and I could not see the sheet music well enough to learn drum charts. My dear mother even recopied the charts, by hand name you, to make them larger, but the embarrassment from the whole process in music class was too much, so my drum career ended. Since then any musical pursuit (choirs, bands, etc), has all been done by ear.

I really think I could have been a good drummer had the surgery to correct my eyesight come at an earlier time. Now, I just beat the steering wheel in the car like everyone else. I did get a cajon (pictured) a few years ago and take my frustrations and inner rhythm out on that…much to my wife Susie’s pleasure… assuming she’s out for the evening. They say it’s never too late to learn something new, so maybe I’ll pick up a used drum kit at some point. Santa, are you listening? Susie hopes not.



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