Cutting Through Christmas

Ok retailers. For all of you complaining or shaking in your boots about online competition, here’s an idea for you. Offer goods without that hellacious plastic pre-formed packaging. No, I am not trying to behead a puppy or Santa in the picture above, it’s just a representation of the frustration of trying to open up packaging that is bonded with plastic that is harder to get into than Texas Roadhouse on a Saturday night. Once in, you’re then greeted by a series of zip ties and other mechanisms whose removal risks a trip to the emergency room if you’re not careful and exceedingly patient.

I am here to tell you I would pay 20% more for a toy, appliance, or just about any item that was void of these Fort-Knox-like barriers. On Christmas morning, everyone passes these things to me with an impatient grandchild drooling next to me and says, “Have Papa open it.” I can’t open this stuff any better than Kim Jong-un with a missile. And while you’re at it, assemble stuff!  Again, charge me more, I don’t care! It’s worth it to have things ready to go without having to read instructions in seven different languages or have an extra screw at the end of the ordeal that could be the key to the item’s viability as an item.

So there you go brick and mortars, two quick ideas to gain a leg up on the competition while saving my fingers and possibly my marriage.



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