Don’t Plan On It

From a purely selfish point of view, I hope you’ll think about coming out to the Peoria Train Fair this Sunday at the ICC East Peoria Campus from 10A-3PM. It’s a great family event with admission only $3 for adults and kids 12 and under FREE when accompanied by an adult.

I say selfish because, as you know, I’m a model railroader and there’s nothing better than when my grandkids come to visit and immediately want to go to my basement and “play” with my trains. They now live in California, so it’s been 4 years since two of them have been here and the other two have never been in Peoria. The track has grown from a 4’x8’ layout to something that has now taken over the basement. They will be totally knocked out the next time they come to visit!

Outside of my selfishness, the point of this note is to encourage you to spend time with your kids or grandkids to engage in any kind of activity or hobby. There are so many out there. Model cars, boats, and planes along with stamps, coins, sewing, scrapbooking, leatherwork, art, magic, cooking, gardening, fishing, hiking, photography, bird watching, woodworking, dolls and pottery. There are so many. Even model railroading. But whatever flips the switch between you and your kids, do it. Don’t plan it…DO IT.

If there’s one lesson we learn every time a tragic event takes place like the one in Parkland, Florida, time is promised to no one. We always assume when we say, “goodbye,” there will always be a “hello,” just around the corner. When we get into a fight with someone we care about, we assume we’ll have the chance to say, “I’m sorry” later on. Every time we’re too busy to take a call, we assume we’ll be able to talk to them later. I’ve done it and I’ve paid for it. It’s an opportunity for you to change the way you view life. Don’t plan on it. Do it.



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