Get Your Goodnews Here!

Every Friday, I try and get away from all the “noise” you read in browsers and social media. By noise, I mean the everyday barrage of crime, finger-pointing and bickering that goes on daily. One day a week, I just need an escape from all that and I’m guessing you do, too. That’s how “Feel Good Friday” came about.
There are so many great, positive stories out there. Last Friday, I presented the story about a 68-year-old guy with Alzheimer’s who forgot he was married earlier this month. He then proposed to his wife of 34 years for a SECOND time. She said yes, and they had a lakeside ceremony awhile back.
Then there was the 70-year-old woman in western Pennsylvania who recently passed away, and left $6,000 of her life insurance money to her local school district, where she worked as a secretary for 20 years. It was specifically left to pay off overdue lunch accounts for kids who can’t afford to buy lunch every day.
And then, there was the 21-year-old guy in New York who has Down Syndrome and started a clothing business about a year ago called John’s Crazy Socks, and he’s already brought in over $1.7 million in revenue. He’s hired 12 full-time employees and eight of them have some sort of disability. 5% of their profits go to Special Olympics!
There’s a lot of great stories out there and I love sharing them with you. If you’ve heard a great story, pass it along to me and it just might end up on “Feel Good Friday.” Tell me your story at [email protected] They say, “To the world you may be one person, but to one person, you may be the world.” Everyone has a story. Tell it.


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