Rick Life Goals: Speedo

Sprummer is here! We never had much of a spring….we went straight to summer. There wasn’t even a little bit of time to get ready mentally for losing weight for the season. But then again, I haven’t lost weight for many sprummers. So, I finally got tired of feeling the way I do and decided to do something about it. Again. I’ve got four little grandkids who I want to see grow up.

I lost 100 pounds back in 2003-4 and kept it off for three years. I started eating “Wacko” and gained some weight back. I only gained half of the weight back because I stuck to the principles of the program…just not the portions. I think of switching to a program with pre-packaged food, but I’ve come to the realization that pre-packaged food to me is a six-pack and a half-gallon of ice cream!

The problem is not the program I’m on, it’s me. You run into that wall so many times a day and you finally back up and think, “Dang! That hurts!” Well, I’ve decided to walk around the wall and continue forward. The good news is I’ve lost 10 pounds. There’s a long way to go but it’s not a sprint. When I get to those weeks where I only lose a half-pound, I need to remember that’s losing 26 pounds a year!

If you see me around and I’m enjoying an ice cream cone, don’t worry. I haven’t given up. I used to eat a half-gallon. And if you see me chasing down an ice-cream truck through the neighborhood, don’t be alarmed…I get free points for exercise. I am focused on the destination and enjoying the journey. I’m going to get back into my Speedo! (Quit laughing!)



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