Rick’s Cookin’ It!

A couple of times a week, we have explored “Food News” on the morning show. I’ve always been fascinated with food in all forms. Whether it’s the most expensive dessert in the world or the best ribs in town, it’s always interesting, if not entertaining. This week, we learned Sam’s Club is offering a 9lb. tub of Oreo frosting that comes in a giant bucket. With the legalization of marijuana in many areas, I’m guessing there’s a market geared to late-night binging that can go on around midnight.

It’s hard to believe, but radio was not my first vocational choice. If you look at my high school transcripts, I wanted to be a sports photographer or a mortician. I know what you’re thinking. A sports photographer!? I know you’re fixated on the mortician thing. I had two friends who were morticians and I thought it was interesting. I’ve always loved sports but being 5’6” kind of cramped my athletic opportunities in football, baseball, and basketball.

Early in life, I wanted to be a lawyer or a chef. As a child, I loved studying about Abraham Lincoln and law seemed a likely avenue to make a living. Then, my mom decided to teach me how to cook, just in case there was ever a time she was not around, I could, at least, feed myself along with my brother and sister.

I loved to cook and thought that might be fun. That’s where I learned to pay attention to detail. One Mother’s Day, we decided to make mom breakfast in bed. Bacon, eggs, and toast were on the menu. I didn’t know how to cook eggs (I was only 8 or 9 at the time) but I did know how to read a recipe book. So, I proceeded to make scrambled eggs and they almost turned out like moms. Except, they turned out black and that just didn’t seem right. My sister and I got my little brother to taste them and when he shuddered, scrunched up his face and said, “Good!” we proceeded to take them to mom. She looked at them, looked at me and back at the eggs. I told her I read Betty Crocker’s cookbook. We soon deduced that instead of a ¼ tsp of pepper, I put in a ¼ cup of pepper!

My first job, like many, was at McDonald’s. I did try my hand at cooking in a regular restaurant once, but I just couldn’t take the pressure. Then I became a clothing salesman, a janitor and then landed my dream job of sportscasting at a local radio station in Fremont, California.

I still like to cook. I have cooked some amazing dishes but, more often than not, it’s missing a pinch of this or a pinch of that. It never turns out like the picture or what I expected. I do well for myself and I’m good with that. I just never cook for company. My favorite recipe is, “Take out of the box, cut a slit in the cellophane and microwave for 2-3 minutes.” But…those 2-3 minutes can be a killer, too.



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