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Saturday Night Dance Party with Wayne R. Miller

  • Saturday 7:00pm-12:00am

Just like Ted Baxter, it all began at a 5000-watt Midwestern radio station. Actually, that is true. Wayne was 13 when he first cracked a mic on WHOW in his hometown of Clinton Illinois. He loved the engineering part of the business, but even the 13-year-old, jocks got the girls.

From there it was off to college and WLBH in Mattoon and his first chance at top 40 on WEIC (RIP) in Charleston. In the fall of 1973, at the tender age of 18, he got the call to head for Peoria and WIRL and WSWT! Big time!

Wayne turned down a shot at Milwaukee in 1974 and spent the next few years opposite Robin Weaver doing afternoons on WIRL. Management and money called to him and he took over WTAZ (now G102.3).

Next was WXCL and WKQA. Then back to WIRL and WSWT as a sales rep. He worked his way up to Sales Manager and General Manager before he got tossed for “making too much money.” Yes, that was the reason. Dang it!

Wayne spent the next 9 months with WYZZ channel 43 TV and then got the call from “The Home of Rock and Roll” WWCT. He hung around until they sold the station in 2000. That told him it was time to get back to his love of engineering, and the rest is radio history. He is now the chief engineer for most of the stations he has worked for over the years and loves making this stuff work.

He also loves hosting the Official Saturday Night Dance Party on Superhits WIRL from 7pm to midnight along with the occasional fill in on WMBD.

Sometimes he wonders what would have happened if he had said “yes” to Milwaukee. He thinks he’d either be in New York or homeless by now.

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