The Beatles: Music Never Forgets

There’s been a lot of talk about the Beatles recently. Abby Road celebrated its 50th Anniversary this year, just in case you were looking for another way to feel old. Paul McCartney was on 60 Minutes on Sunday (9/30) and it was one of the more interesting interviews I’ve seen Sir Paul do. If you get a chance, catch it online or on demand.


After watching the piece, I found myself reflecting on those days when I became a fan and how much I enjoyed having the Beatles in my life. I remember the night they appeared on Ed Sullivan for the first time in 1964 and watched it with my family like the other 70+ million people. I remembered thinking I liked them but couldn’t “understand what the craziness was all about.” Got to school the next morning and the girls were going nuts and the teacher allowed them to play Margaret’s copy of “Meet The Beatles” in class. Either the teacher liked them, too, or was conducting some kind of social experiment.


I got around to buying the album a couple of weeks later for $2.98 at Long’s Drugs in the shopping mall (I still have it)…and played the crap out of it. I remember during the year buying a poster of the Fab Four in front of the London Palladium, buying Beatle Bubblegum cards (still have some of them), countless teen magazines featuring the quartet and getting my hands on the coveted Beatle Wig. I looked more like comedian Marty Alan, but that’s another story. It was clear that I was caught in the middle of Beatlemania.


The Beatles played in the Cow Palace in Daly City during their first tour and of course, their final concert was at Candlestick Park in the city in August of ’69. I didn’t go to either one…didn’t even think about it. I was in high school and never even thought of making that trip. I did have a friend pick me up a copy of the concert program, which I think I still have. It was a great time.


There’s been a couple of “Oh Wow! Wednesdays” on SuperHits WIRL when I played a Beatle song…”I’ve Just Seen A Face” or “Boys” and remembered they were never released as singles…Never made it to the charts. But in those days, we didn’t listen to singles by the Beatles, we listened to the albums. Every single cut, over and over. We knew the words to every song and the “album cuts” were just as well known as the singles. They were our hits. Some of us even went out and bought guitars because we wanted to start a band. (Yeah, I did! Bought the guitar…never started a band. But I looked awesome singing in my bedroom!)


It was a great time…and I just realized this has turned into a continuation of my previous blog, Music Never Forgets. It never will.



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