Our Three Dog Night

I am so looking forward to seeing  THREE DOG NIGHT at the Peoria Civic Center next spring. If you are not aware of the concert, click here

Danny Hutton, an original member of THREE DOG NIGHT who you will see that night, says he came up with the name for the band when he read an article about Australian Aboriginals who keep warm at night by sleeping beside their dogs. If it’s a bit chilly, one dog close to your side is sufficient. If it is colder, two come in. Thus a “three dog night” is needed when the temperature drops below freezing.

In the Wheeler household a “three dog night” means something profoundly different. We are dog people. And yes, we let our dogs sleep in our bed. If you are a true dog person, you understand this…if you are not…you think we are gross. Nonetheless, our two dogs…Otis the 90 pound Yellow Lab and Cashew “Nut”…the most restless sleeper known to man…occupy our king-sized bed on a nightly basis. “Bella” the cat squeezes in there somewhere too. It’s Noah’s Nocturnal Ark.

Our dogs have determined everything from our bed size to the kinds of cars we drive to the color and type of fabric of our couches. As if not “in control” enough, they burrow between my wife and me each night like President Trump’s proposed border wall as if to protect us from any number of nefarious activities. Actually, despite the king bed, they tend to drift to my side because of the “oven-like” body heat my wife claims I give off. She requires 3 blankets over on her side of the Arctic Circle. She gets 4 feet of bed, I get 7 inches (if you’ve seen me, this is a balancing act worthy of the circus).

So to make things even more challenging, my youngest daughter has boomeranged back to our home with her Black Lab named Betsy. When Kristen is traveling, where does Betsy sleep? Why, of course, in the remaining 14.7 inches of our bed. I mentioned the circus…trust me, you have not seen the acrobatics required to get 2 adults, 3 dogs and a cat in one bed. You say, “I wouldn’t put up with that.” Try telling that to two sleepy Labs and a “nervous Nelly” of a mutt.

So this is my version of a THREE DOG NIGHT. Plenty of warmth to go with my 7 inches of space. I guess I should take comfort though…I hear One is the Loneliest Number.



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