Who’s that running through the airport?

Coming back from family for the holidays and getting back “into the grind” is always hard. There is a comfort to “routine” and returning to routine can take some adjustment. Re-entry into reality this week was a wake-up call on so many levels.

I knew I was going back to cold and snow, so I was mentally prepared for that. But when I left Peoria the week before, it was 45 and the predictions for a white Christmas were at 25%. I took only a light jacket since I was headed to sunny California. By the end of my visit, with sub-zero temps and 6” of snow on the ground in Peoria, I knew I was going to need to find a parka and gloves in sunny California. Thank you, Old Navy, and 70% off!

Last Sunday, we had a family breakfast on the beach in Santa Barbara, California at the Shoreline Beach Café. (I recommend it highly). And then we left for the airport and that is where our story begins.

We said our goodbyes (which is always tough) and then I went to TSA. I have TSA Pre-Check so that was quick and then arriving at the gate, I noticed our plane hadn’t arrived from Dallas yet. Seems they were having some dicey weather there. Plane arrives a bit late and as we’re getting ready to board and they inform us that we’ve been put on a “Ground hold” because of the weather at DFW. (I instantly flashback to my visit last August when I’m delayed by Hurricane Harvey). We finally board about an hour later which cuts my layover time at DFW to 30 minutes. I won’t bore you with the details of a fat guy running through the airport, but I get to my gate and they’re ready to board. Except, they’re waiting for one more flight attendant to arrive. She arrives an hour later. I could have walked and spared everyone from my wheezing.

We arrive at PIA and I’m just ready to get home. I know it’s -5 degrees and I need to knock 6” of snow off my car. I’ve checked the AA App and I know my bag containing the parka is on the plane so let’s get going! After waiting about 10 minutes we are informed they can’t get the jetway over to the plane, so we are going to have to de-plane by the steps into the cold and snow. (Let me just say, -5 and wearing jeans and a sweatshirt makes you walk a little faster). Long story longer, we got inside, I got my bag, cleaned off the car and made it home.

There is one good reminder about reality…with snow, your lawn looks as good as your neighbor’s!



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