You CAN Go Home Again

It’s been several years since I visited the city I was born in…Waukegan, IL. However, a funeral took me back there this past weekend.

It always amazes me each time I go “home,” how much smaller things seem. The street I used to play “500 Pop-up” in appears narrower. The parking lot of my high-school used to feel giant…now it’s dwarfed by any typical Walmart lot.  My house, that I once thought was the biggest in town, just seems average.

Trees are gone or in different places. Lawns I used to mow are now occupied by houses. Most stores I used to frequent are long gone. My church (where the funeral was) causes a flood of memories that I just can’t quite put my finger on.

Is this really where I grew up?

But then there are the people. Some extended family and friends still remain, and I know it will always be home.

But why is everything smaller?

It must be ’cause I’m “bigger.”




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